Should it stay or should it go?

Marbella’s arches over the A7. Are they part of the town’s history or just part of the town’s corruption?

The San Pedro arch which used to mark the entrance to Marbella from the south is being dismantled as part of the work to build the underpass for the A-7 through the town. As it comes down the bricks are being located and numbered, in case it is decided to rebuild the structure.

The arch cost some  €720,000  to build some 18 years ago and is one of the symbols of the GIL era. It’s possible removal has opened a debate on whether other excesses from the GIL days should be removed, although the Ayuntamiento, now in the hands of the PP, has made no official comment on the matter.

Local resident, British photographer, Gary Edwards, is one who thinks the arch should stay and has opened a facebook page called ‘Save the Marbella Arch’(CLICK IF YOU’RE INTERESTED). His fight has been picked up by El País and other Spanish media. Edwards says removing the arches would be like removing the letters from Hollywood.

Local taxi drivers have already decided to remove the arch from their logos painted on the doors of their vehicles, replacing it with the town’s blue and white flag. The 312 taxis in the Taxi Sol association, 80% of the total, will be changing their door decoration over the next three months.


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