What on earth does J.M. Aznar mean when he says, “The sky, the heaven with the fingers”?

haha gifI received the following Whatsapp message a few weeks ago. Can you recognise the English versions of Spanish expressions?

Are any of them correct in English?

Find an adequate equivalent of some of them (to help you, try choosing up to 7 expressions that you are likely to use in Spanish). These websites may help you: SpanishIdiomDictionary and Tomísimo   SpanishDict

Now use those equivalent English expressions in brief conversations.



3 Responses

  1. Good afternoon Helen
    Please, I have a question regarding something I asked this morning to a classmate. The question was: “Why don’t you go to study a master’s degree to the US or the UK? Is it right or should I have said “Why don’t you go to the US or the UK to get (to do) a master’s degree?
    Thank you. Kind regards
    Manuel I. Hedilla
    C1 student

    • The first sentence would have been ok, if you’d used the preposition “in” (“in the US…”)
      The second sentence is perfect.

  2. Thanks a lot for posting the Ana Bottle writing! I had been looking for it and couldn’t find it, and consider it as much funny as interesting to study Proverbs and have a good laugh. 😉

    María Ballesteros, C1

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