B1 Listening and writing/speaking activity (mediation)

  1. Go to the following link and do the listening activity. You will watch a video about Stonehenge and answer some questions. https://test-english.com/listening/b1/stonehenge-b1-listening-test/

2. After you have completed the activity, listen again and take notes on other aspects you hear mentioned. Now you can do one (or both) of the following:

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A. Write an email to me recommending a visit to Stonehenge. Include some of the historic information from the video. (Send it to my “tutoría” email for feedback.) Try to be QUITE FORMAL in your use of language.

Icon Microphone Voice - Free image on Pixabay

B. Leave a voice message of about 1 minute 30 seconds to a friend recommending a visit to Stonehenge. Use an INFORMAL register. You can record your message on your computer or phone or https://vocaroo.com/ and send it to my “tutoría” email for feedback. (With “Vocaroo just send me the link.)

B1 (and A2) 5 short conversations

Click on the image to go to the exercise. You will have to sign up and log in to do the activity. (It is safe!) You will hear 5 short conversations. Each conversation has 1 question.

B1 (and B2) Speaking and writing activity (mediation)

Look at the info graph below about travelling solo or in a group and do the following activities.

  • 1. The first activity is ORAL – you need to record your voice and send it to me for feedback. If you like, you can use Vocaroo. DO NOT WRITE ANYTHING BEFORE YOU RECORD YOURSELF.
    • Instructions: Explain to me, in your own words, the infograph below. Focus on the most relevant aspects. Contrast the two ways of travelling.
  • 2. The second activity is a WRITTEN task – send it to my “tutoria” email for correction.
    • Instructions: Karen is a 35-year-old friend of yours who has recently lost her job. She has been working in a very isolated environment and she needs to socialize and enjoy a trip. You know Karen well and you think the perfect way for her to travel would be in a group.
    • Write Alice an email (150-180 words):
    • EXPLAIN why you think she should travel with other people.
    • SUGGEST the most suitable ideas and activities and PERSUADE her to travel in a group/with friends.
    • EXPLAIN why this kind of travel is appropriate for her in her current situation.

A2/B1 (even B2) activity. “Ormie the pig.” A story for the very young.

Watch this video of about 4 minutes and choose an option (or do more than one option!)

  • 1. Write the story that you see – you can narrate using the present continuous (say what is happening) or the past (narrate what happened).
  • 2. Record the story orally (in the present continous or the past).

Make sure the reader/listener can follow the story correctly and naturally by using linking words and organising the test in a logical and coherent way. Try to make the story more interesting by using adjectives, adverbs, etc.

When you have finished, send me your written work and/or audio for feedback.

WRITING PRACTICE: Modules 6, 8 and 12



            On reflection, I really liked Larry, but I knew I shouldn’t keep going out with him! First of all, he swore all the time, at home and even in public. Secondly, he dressed like a child, in torn, dirty jeans.

At first, I thought he was youthful and free-spirited, but then I realized that he was just immature. Next, I found out that he still lived with his mother, and a little later, I found out that he didn’t even have a job. After this, somebody told me that he was living on money that his grand-parents had left him and that he had never worked a day in his life.

After some careful thought, I told him to stop calling me, but despite that, he kept texting me. Soon, he gave up calling me, and finally, I was rid of him.

Gradually, I got used to being without him even though I missed him. Little by little, I started going out again, and after a while, I met some really nice people at parties. After some time, I began going on dates, and eventually, I met Harold, who is my current husband.

Hopefully, my children will meet people who are fun and open-hearted like Larry, but, with any luck, they will also be responsible and considerate. In the future, I will be ready to give them a mother’s advice when they start dating.

Now try this guided composition on the GoogleForm using some of the linkers from the text above linkers. Use some grammar structures from your module. I will give you feedback.

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