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  1. Tomorrow, Valentine’s Day.
    I want to share with us this poem.
    I miss you!
    Please, Helen recover you soon!

    With permission of Vicent Andrés Estellés and the help of Jack H. Smith, Professor Emeritus at the University at Albany, NY, who translated this poem before than me (sorry!).

    Flesh craves flesh (Ausiàs March)
    There weren’t two lovers like us in Valencia.
    Ferociously we loved each other from mornings to nights.
    I remember everything while you are hanging up the clothes.
    Years have leaved, many years; many things have happen.
    Suddenly, I’m still seizes that wind or love
    and we roll in the floor around hugs and kisses.
    We don’t understand love as a kindly custom,
    as a quiet custom of politeness and finery
    (and may the chaste Sir López-Picó pardon us).
    Love, suddenly, wakes up us like an old hurricane,
    and it throws in the floor, it joins us together, it squeezes us.
    Sometimes, I wished a polite love
    and while the gramophone one, I’m kissing you negligently,
    now a shoulder and after that a treat ear.
    Our love is rude and wild love
    and we feel the bitter miss of the land,
    of rolling between kisses and scratches.
    What would you I do! Basic, I know it.
    We never read Petrarch’s work and we ignored many things.
    The Estances of Riba and Las Rimas of Bécquer.
    After that, while we are laying somehow on the floor,
    we realise we are savage, and this may not be,
    we are too old, and this and that one.
    There weren’t two lovers like us in Valencia,
    because lovers like us are few born!

    Vicent Andrés Estellés

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