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Examples of good writing by BASIC 2 students.

(All the texts have been corrected.)

Many thanks to all for allowing me to publish your work.



The most exciting experience I have lived was the birth of my son. I remember it very often.

I will never forget the first time I saw him. I started crying when I picked up his small body and touched his little hands.

My life changed when the new member of the family came. Before this, I travelled abroad once a month. These trips sometimes lasted until 3 weeks. Now, I work in an office. Perhaps it’s more boring but I can see my son every day.




Dear Friend,

I am going to give you some advice for your meeting in London.

First, you should read the new documents carefully and don’t make a lot of mistakes.  You should watch British TV to practise your pronunciation. You need to practise listening and speaking and you need to learn vocabulary.

For the presentation, you should write down difficult words in a notebook and then look them up in your dictionary.  You should practise speaking in front of the mirror to feel more confident.

Finally I hope that everything goes OK with your presentatation.

See you soon!




Hello Friend!

I can give you some advice, but first you need to relax and listen carefully.

You should watch English movies with subtitle in English too.

You need to read and write a lot of text and look it up in the dictionary when you don’t know the meaning of a word.

You should watch and read the English news in TV. And websites, now there are many tools and app to practice your pronunciation.

I hope you have good luck and success in your meeting.


good luck meeting



A long time ago when I was young, teenagers used to hang out in the street or the park playing or chatting with our friends, we did not have any problems and with little, we had enough.

In addition, I was quite rebellious, an average student and I liked to wear quite trendy ‘mod’ clothes and long hair.
In my home, I was always listening to ‘beat’ music all the time.

However, when I went to the University, everything changed. I became more independent, I worked part time and I went to class in the afternoons.

Finally, I think the thing that annoyed my parents the most was my long hair and I usually argued a lot with my brother.



What kind of humour do you like?

Whats’s your favourite sitcom? Why?

I have a special sense of humour. I’m very funny, I don’t like playing jokes and I don’t like people playing jokes on me.
I prefer to see a sitcom on TV than go to the comedy shows.
I like seeing sitcoms on TV, I love them so much. My favourite sitcom is “La que se avecina”. It talks about the lives of some neighbours. It’s very crazy, foolish and funny. Their lives are terrible; a lot of things happen in the flats.
I like laughing with my family and friends when we are together; I really enjoy it.




I think I was a typical teenager of my time. I enjoyed listening to music and going to the concerts of my favourite bands. I also liked watching sports on TV and going to give support to my local football club in Gandía every two weeks.

It was in the 80s and I think that young people enjoyed their lives more than nowadays.

With my parents and brothers, I had a normal relationship. Sometimes we argued and sometimes we were ok. I could talk to them about a lot of situations but not about others, like girls or drugs, because I was very shy.




       Sometimes I was in a really good mood in the morning, and then I was outgoing and cheerful. But maybe that same day, in the afternoon, I became a different person, sad and introspective. When I was happy I used to hang out a lot with my friends. When I felt depressed I used to stay in my room all the time, listening to music and reading books compulsively. We must remember that in the eighties we didn’t have video games and we couldn’t chat online with friends.

      Most of the time, I got on well with my parents, although it was difficult for them to live with all my changes of moods.

       I used to think that I was cool, but nowadays I remember this age and I realise that I was lquite ridiculous. Like all teenagers!



 When I was teenager I was rebellious, I never used to get up early and I used to like hanging out with friends late at night, drinking, smoking, dancing. I used to hate school.

My parents often went away at weekends and I gave wild parties. My room was a mess. I didn’t use to get on with my family because they complained about my friends, my clothes, everything.


Suddenly, my father died. It was a difficult experience and my mother and I were alone; then I changed my attitude, next time I was a well-behaved teenager.
In the end I was so clean and organized that my mother couldn’t believe it. I used to cycle to university or catch the bus, I used to have a part time job at a pub. Today I am a good and loyal person, thanks to my parents, I love them. 



     When I was a teenager, the realtionship I had with my parents was normal. My parents and I didn’t argue a lot. We only argued when we didn’t have the same opinions. 

     When my parents were angry with me or with their problems, I used to go into my room and I closed the door to not hear them. I sometimes  argued with them, but rarely. I was a good teenager.

     At school my friends and I used to play many games like the wheel, catch, etc. After class I used to go home and I did my homework. Then my mother and I used to go for a walk and we used to go shopping.

     At the weekends, my friends and I used to go to the mall and we used to go to the cinema. We had a good weekend.




When I was young I was a terrible teenager. I lived in my parents’ house, and I there were a lot of rules. I  was always arguing with my parents. I used to go out with my friends, and I used to dance and drink alcohol.

Also, I used to help my parents in our family business.

I had a terrible character and always used to be angry with everyone and with myself.

I got married in 2004 and I had two children. Nowadays, I have a good relationship with my parents. We usually go out for lunch on Sundays. And they help us take care of our children.




When I was 15, I was working and studying. I was quite shy and I didn’t like doing what the other teenagers did. I used to have a family life and I helped my mother to do the housework because she was very busy. However, as I was very responsible, I had a fun and happy life.

I was crazy about sports. At school I used to be the best player. I also used to go to the cinema with my friends and I sometimes went clubbing to hear live music by my favourite singers, but the most interesting thing for me was watching tennis on TV or playing it with my friends.

I got on well with my parents and I spent a lot of time with them. I tried to behave well so that my parents didn’t get angry with me. They were very proud of me, but I was a bit untidy and I sometimes got home late.


more to come

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