Examples of good writing by C1 students.

(All the texts have been corrected.)

Many thanks to all for allowing me to publish your work.


A formal letter of invitation

Dear Ms del Rey

    I am writing to you on behalf of SOS World Association to cordially invite  you  to  attend  a  fundraising fancy dress ball, at Hollyhock Castle  on  25th of September at 8 o’clock in the Town hall.  

    Our aim is to raise money for the victims of a devastating earthquake in South America. It destroyed many buildings and as a result  many people are still homeless and the country is in crisis. The proceeds of the ticket sales and any donations will go towards buying emergency medical supplies, food and blankets.          

    We would therefore be honoured  with your presence because you are a very popular TV actress and you will attract many people who admires you.

    Since you are a style icon of elegance and dress sense, we would be honoured if you would be the judge of the fancy dress contest and give out the prizes?. This action will  greatly encourage people to make more effort with their costumes.  

    Moreover, the performers acting in the event, musicians and local singers, would be highly stimulated  by your attendance, owing to your  achievements in your absolutely brilliant career as an actress.

   We eagerly await your reply.

             Yours sincerely,
    Amelie Carr ( secretary for SOS World)


An informal email of apology to a friend

Hello Juanita,

I am writing some lines to apologize for my bad behaviour last Saturday night at Peter´s house. I know you were surprised by some of my comments so I want to tell you I am really sorry. You know you are very important to me and I want to clarify the situation, I am quite sure we can forget about this mess.

We were enjoying ourselves that night and the atmosphere was incredibly good. It was something related to one comment you said about the situation that Pepa is suffering in her job that changed my mood. Pepa explained that her boss is watching over her and putting more pressure on her in relation to her colleagues, all of them men, and she thinks it is because she’s the only woman in the department. The way you told her she could solve the problem by wearing more sensual clothes made me feel furious, because you know Pepa is very affected by her boss’ behavior.

I am really sorry for the things I told you after your comment, I hope you understand that I suffered a similar situation some time ago and I didn´t realise you were just trying to make things funnier and to make Pepa more relaxed about this issue. I think we can continue with the conversation next Saturday at my home, I can prepare a lovely dinner with some good wine I bought during my last trip to Italy.

Please say you will come!! Bye.



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