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Examples of good writing by ADVANCED 2 students 2018-2019.

(Some of the texts have NOT been corrected.)

Many thanks to all for allowing me to publish your work.



To begin with this issue, I have to say that in each period of my life different people have influenced me. I wouldn’t say I’m easily influenced (by people), in general, I think I’m pretty strong-willed. Even so, I have to admit that there have been people in my life who have made me question my actions. Starting with my mother.

Moreover, the people closest will influence you in many ways so I think it’s important to be selective, especially at an important time in your life when you are building the foundation for your career and making other important life decisions.

In the long run, if you surround yourself with people who inspire you, you will be a better person. Some friends come and go but the ones who have stayed have had a huge impact on my decisions and happiness. They have supported me and cheered me on, and they have shaped me into the person I have become.

In either case, the relationship with my parents reminds me daily that the power of a strong relationship can get you through anything.




I have published the following exercise with the original mistakes (and my corrections) so that you can see that perfection is not expected at this level!!!!






Being a teen means being responsible enough to make our own decisions, but not enough to run our own lives. The debate  about whether parents should allow their children to make their own decisions, is still going on and it is an important issue.

For many parents, it is  necessary to allow their children to make decisions in their childhood. Not only will they learn how to make good decisions, but they will also learn the consequences of bad choices before having to go through them and ruin  their life when they are older. This way children can go through regret and its consequences, in a healthy moderation that will benefit them later in life.

However, this doesn’t mean that parents should let their kids do anything they want. It is undoubtedly true that teens should have boundaries and be guided by their parents. If a child makes the wrong decision, then they should be punished. Moreover, in this way, that child would learn from that mistake.

Consequently, taking into consideration both the pros and cons, in my view, parents should allow their children to make decisions on their own so they learn how to make them. If parents never let their children make their own decisions, then they  will never be able to make decisions later in life due to lack of practice.



I have made some important decisions in my life, but I especially remember the time when I decided to prepare an exam which would allow me to work abroad for six years. I had always wanted to work abroad. I sat my public examination for being a teacher just after college. Consequently, I started working very young. After several years, I realised I needed to do something new in my life but I worked in a very good school and I would miss it if I left. Furthermore, my son was a teenager and he could get into trouble if I lived far from him. As a result, I decided not to do it at that moment.

What was important for me was not to give up, only delay the decision.

Finally, thirteen years ago, I decided to prepare the exam. It was very hard but, finally, I passed it and went to work at the Spanish school in Casablanca.

The work was great. The students were very respectful and clever. Due to the fact that most of the teachers were there on their own, I made a lot of friends. In fact, some of my colleagues were like my family there, and they are still my friends.

All in all, it was an enriching experience. I could travel around Morocco, which is a wonderful country, and I had a lot of new experiences. I can assure you that going to work in Casablanca definitely opened my mind.




When I was a child, my father worked as a brick-layer for a construction company outside Valencia in a small town  called Masamagrell. He used to have a drink after work with a couple of colleagues collegas at a coffee shop near his job. Casually, just that great day, the 22nd of December 1976, he felt very tired and decided to drive straight home instead of having his usual cup of coffee.

But, we when he drove past the coffee shop, he was very surprised to see a noisy crowd in the middle of the street, which is normally very quiet. There were many people outside the coffeshop drinking, singing, laughing and jumping, all of them very happy . My father couldn’t imagine at the time what was happening.

He came home and immediately he explained the story to my  mother. She didn’t interrupt him of course, but she knew very well the reason why people were so excited on that street. When he finished talking, she asked  my father if he had bought the Christmas lottery that year, where he always buys it, and if this was the case, which number did he buy. Of course he had bought lottery at that coffee shop, it was a yearly  Christmas tradition, so he became very nervous and ran directly to the kitchen where he opened the table drawer in order to look for the lottery ticket. It took a few seconds to find it, which made him even more nervous. My Mam turned on the TV and both checked the number and yes, they had won the main prize! They started jumping with of joy, extremely happy. They were carrying in their hands, THE MOST IMPORTANT LOTTERY PRIZE NUMBER in Spain.

Until that day I always thought that such  lucky stories only could only happen to others. It was a very exciting and memorable day.




Some people argue that parents should give their children the freedom to make their own decisions, while others strongly believe that children aren’t mature enough to decide by themselves, depending on their age.

On the one hand, parents can overprotect children. Therefore, they don’t learn to be independent and as a result, they are immature and incapable of making sensible decisions when they have to look after themselves. Furthermore, some parents tend to put too much pressure on their children to choose a particular career. For instance, a family of teachers might encourage their children to study to be a teacher, when in fact they prefer to study science.

On the other hand, it’s true that children need some guidance, especially when they are teenagers since they can get into trouble due to the influence of their peers. Parents shouldn’t let them do whatever they want. Nevertheless, older children and teenagers should be given more responsibility in order to learn how to make good decisions. Moreover, if they make mistakes, they will learn from their own experience.

From my point of view, parents should encourage their children, let them find their outlooks in life, but be there when they fall and need help.

peer pressure




Some of us have been raised in a family where every little decision came from the father figure who ran his family like a dictatorship. We didn’t make any decisions about the food we ate or the clothes we wore (I remember, though, that I didn’t give a damn about the clothes I wore).

Fortunately, things are changing and a lot of educators spread their theories about letting children make their own decisions. In these theories, it is very important that children begin to participate in minor decisions and play a role in their families.

By allowing our children to participate in some decisions, we give them confidence, they can feel respected and valued and they start to be a part of the family and make both right and wrong decisions. For example, the children could choose the movie that the family will see that night. If we give them that responsibility, it will be a great reward for them.

The wrong decisions are very important too, because we can learn a lot from our children and they will learn important experiences which will change their behavior in order to make better decisions in the future.

To sum up, if we allow our children to make their own decisions in order to develop their own personality, it will be a great step beyond.

Conflict With Parents, Father And Mother Scolding Teenager Vector. Illustration




Although parents always want to do the best for their children, sometimes they have no idea about how to do it. Many of them give their children too much freedom, and as a result the children are the ones who make the rules. However, other parents overprotects their children and therefore they don’t learn to be independent. I think the key is to find a middle ground.

On the one hand, we can’t forget that our children are different from us. They have their own personality and they should make their choices, even when we don’t like these choices. Moreover, I’m sure many adults never in a million years would act like their own parents.

On the other hand, children aren’t adults and they have not enough resources to decide without guidance. What’s more, we should protect them from themselves, not only from the others.

In my view point, it depends on the age of the child. When they are little, you should decide for them, although if your son or daughter is already a teenager, you should allow him or her to go out with friends and of course, they have the right to decide on their studies.





Executive summary: The aim of this proposal is to suggest the creation of a nurture unit at St Anne’s.

Statement of need: St Anne’s is a day school for children aged 11-18 in Manchester. The catchment area has a much higher  unemployment rate than the city average, with crime and drug abuse.

On a daily basis, we work with many pupils with social, emotional and behavioural difficulties which turn out to be real barriers for their learning.

Project description: We propose that the former refectory should be transformed into a nurture unit where the activities would focus be focused on developing social and communication skills besides full support for improving the children self-esteem. We would also like to involve their parents and all the school pupils and staff in the project. Our intention is to admit the children into the unit for a short time so that they can return to their ordinary classroom as soon as possible.

Budget analysis: The estimated cost of redecoration and refurbishment is £60,000, with additional running costs for the building of £2,000 p.a. The new teaching assistants’ salary would be £49,000. The cost of staffing the unit outside normal school hours is an additional £20,000 p.a.

Recommendations and suggestions: We suggest having a meeting with the appropriate local authority since we will need  planning permission for the building works. Moreover, given that we have planned to grow our own vegetables and plants in the garden outside the school facilities as a daily activity that children would undertake, we would like to know if we could count on  the weekly attendance of a municipal gardener.

Conclusion: This unit will help care for vulnerable children and will contribute to the whole school improvement, as well. Although every child and every school is unique, we have exchanged ideas and shared experiences with some nurture units with positive outcomes, and have been inspired by them.




The wind was blowing furiously and beat the branches of the ancient tree,  Carol’s favorite one, which her father had hung a swing on. Discouraged, the child was watching the windy night though the window and desperately  hoping her father would arrive home soon.

Suddenly, the swing broke off the branch and went flying through the black night. Carol felt a terrible inner cold and knew without doubt her father had died. While she ran to her mother’s room, she was screaming, “Dad is dead, dad is dead!” Nobody answered. Desperately, Carol tried to wake her mother who was deeply asleep because of the sleeping pills.

Then a strange noise came from the garden. Quietly Carol went to the window and saw her father hanging the swing on the branch of the oak again. As fast as she could, she went out to embrace him but when she arrived she found nothing there.

Feeling absolutely alone, the child started crying. Meanwhile the poor child cried and called her father again and again, the branch that had held the swing fell on her.

Long after, the servants of the house told the story that every windy night of November father and daughter return to play under their ancient tree.




Two years ago, during summer, we were preparing the village yearly festival. An important part of the festival are the young girls who represent the town as “queen” and “ladies” of the “royal court”. My ten-year-old daughter was one of the ladies and all the family had taken part in the preparations.

The day before everything started, everybody was nervous and very busy finishing all the setting up. All the children were excited and really amused with all the town activity. As it is a very small village where we all know each other, the kids were playing in the street and going from one house to another. It is a very quiet place, there isn’t even a road in the middle of the village becaouse the village is nearly a dead-end of the road, so it is quite safe.

After dinner, when we had finished the house decoration, I wondered where my daughter was. It was about an hour since I had seen her, so I looked for her upstairs in all the bedrooms and downstairs in the garage. I supposed she was with other children in another house and went all around the village looking for her and asking everybody if anyone had seen her. As time was passing I started to get nervous, then worried and finally utterly terrified, thinking something bad had happened her.

Finally I stopped for a while and rethought all I had done, then I called my mother and asked her to review my daughter’s bedroom, and there she was: she had been sleeping all this time under a big mountain of teddies.

soft toys.jpg



It was a really scorching hot summer day when my boyfriend and I had nothing better to do than to mend on my open air terrace a gorgeous bench we had found left on the street the day before.

While we were assembling the pieces of our cool recent acquisition, all of a sudden I felt a strong gust of wind and from the corner of my eye it seemed to me that something was shaking. And… it really was! The umbrella was being taken out of its base and began to fly towards the… Gosh, we couldn’t but look how it gracefully fell down through the hole of the lightwell and got stuck wide open and facing upwards like a cockroach between the third and second floor (I’ll add as a tiny detail that I live in the attic on the fourth floor).

Then, I remember feeling an emotional roller coaster since I felt absolutely astounded and even had a lump in my throat. But after that, I began to giggle and eventually I burst out laughing. Meanwhile, my boyfriend was gasping with astonishment and we looked at each other smiling and grimacing unstoppably.

After a little while I made up my mind and began to knock on the neighbours doors to warn them about the event. Somehow, it was a chance to meet and talk with some of whom I had never seen before. Regarding this, I met on the first floor a guy I already knew and after explaining to him the whole thing , he told me:

‘I was going to hang out the washing and I’ve thought to myself… Ups, it seems it’s getting a little bit dark!

That seemed to me very funny and both of us laughed.

Then, since I didn’t know what to do, I called the firemen but we could sort it out before they came because, luckily for us, my neighbour across the hall, who is a house painter, had the keys of an apartment on the third floor. So, we could grasp the umbrella through one of its windows.

I must confess that before all of this, my boyfriend and I had tried to hook the umbrella with a rope and a hanger but he has vertigo and we were also afraid of making things worse. However, the story ended up happily but since that day, my poor terrace umbrella  is  firmly tied and closed. It has become sort of an hostage because this umbrella really has a strong desire for freedom. I haven’t said before that it was the second time it had tried to fly away. But that’s another story…








It happened two years ago in a coastal village near Valencia during its patron saint celebration. It was tradition in this place to organize a meal with friends the first day of the celebration week. By the time we had arrived at the meeting place, our friends were completely distressed because the party room was starting to be flooded.

Surprisingly, my brother recalled he had parked his great-looking car in a risky area. I gasped with astonishment when he fastly rolled up his sleeves and crossed the street in order to move his car to a safer place.

What happened next was the most terrifying experience I have ever felt. As he was crossing back over the street, he suddenly disappeared  and appeared again. You won’t believe what happened! It’s astonishing to know that he had fallen into a gutter . We learned later that during the storm, local police officers had moved the covers of the gutters  for better drainage. We wish they had marked the danger with cones.

Fortunately, my brother only suffered mild injuries on his legs. Although, he kept a stiff upper lip, as soon as he came back from hospital, he poured himself a large drink.



More examples of good writing by

ADVANCED 2 students.

(All the following texts have been corrected.)

Many thanks to all for allowing me to publish your work.


Formal letter of invitation

Dear Ms Del Rey,

I am writing to you on behalf of SOS World local charity to cordially invite you to a formal black-tie fancy dress ball on 25th March at 8 o’clock in Hollyhock castle.

Our aim is to raise money for the victims of a devastating earthquake. As you may be aware, many people are still homeless and the country is in crisis. For this reason, the proceeds from the ticket sales and any donations will go towards buying emergency medical supplies, food and blankets.

We believe the presence of local celebrities, particularly a well-known actress such as yourself, be an enjoyable occasion for everyone. In addition to the ball, there will also be live music, a champagne supper and fireworks. We would be honoured if you would judge the fancy dress contest and give out the prizes. Owing to your elegance and dress sense, you will encourage people to make greater efforts with their costumes.

Please do not hesitate to ask us for more information about the event. We eagerly await your reply.

Yours sincerely,

……… (secretary, SOS World local charity)

disaster supply kit

I have made some important decisions in my life but I especially remember the time when….

…I had to choose between my career and my family. It was a few years ago. I was offered an exceptional job in London. Maybe it was the best position I have ever accepted. I was feeling very enthusiastic and happy but, suddenly, one horrible day, my mum told me that she was suffering from a terminal disease. I felt very upset and shocked. Consequently, I decided to reject the job. I had no choice, in my opinion. Do you agree?

My mum felt very sad because I had lost my job because of her. I didn’t think so. I preferred to spend my mum’s last moments with her. She was the best thing in my life, much more than any job. Unfortunately, my mum passed away a few weeks later. We had the most wonderful time together. We felt happy to share these moments together.

Nowadays, I don’t regret my decision at all. Luckily, I got a good job in my country and who knows if one day I’ll be offered a great position. Feelings are much more important than other things, of course.



Have you ever thought about going to a sunny island in the middle of the sea for a holiday? That is what I had in mind the first time I went to Tenerife.

My parents and I were really ecstatic about spending some days in such a dreamy place. When we got off the plane there was a cloudy sky above us. It was 23 years ago but it feels just like yesterday.

There was a bus from the travel agency waiting at the airport which would take us to our hotel. We were a little disappointed because of the weather but we had never imagined that things could get worse.

When we went into our room, there were some unexpected guests. The room was full of ants! I can picture it so clearly. We were lucky because there were still available rooms so we were changed to another one. We went to sleep early because we were exhausted, but in the middle of the night we heard a noise coming from the adjoining room. It took some time until I could sleep again.

In the morning the sun was shining and we went to the beach. What I never imagined was that the waters of the Atlantic Ocean were so cold. Next time I’ll think twice.




Having studied English since I was a child, I always knew that a job related to English would be my future. After finishing my studies in High School, I started my degree in English Language. When I finished my degree I did my teaching certificate. After working in a hotel for five years I started my degree in Tourism and I finished my studies in 2014.

Apart from being good at English, I also speak fluent Italian and I have some notions of German. I have experience dealing with people and also working in stressful situations. I am an extrovert and I can solve problems quickly and effectively. I have worked with children so I know how to deal with them. Having good communication skills is essential because I can tell if customers are unhappy so I can help them to feel better.

I could make a valuable contribution to your company. I would like to develop my English skills and also put into practice all my abilities.




  • Try to use participle clauses where possible

       Having graduated as a primary school teacher at the University of Valencia, I gained the teaching speciality of Information Technology. Apart from getting some hands-on experience working as a Primary teacher, I have also trained in different methodologies: “Conflict resolution” and “Involvement of relatives at school”.

       My career path to date has been with educational companies and schools. As well as having experience as a Primary teacher, I also have a background in teaching Preschool students.
       Having a large training in artistic skills and IT skills, I am also capable of adapting and organising lessons for a school year in any subject. Furthermore, I am interested in finding out new methodologies to apply and improve my teaching.
       In addition to communication skills, and besides having an advanced level of Valencian language, I also have an intermediate level of English.
       Besides being driven and tenacious, I also feel motivated by challenges and reaching my personal targets. Thanks to my sociable attitude and patience, I really enjoy working as a team. Now I am seeking the opportunity to keep teaching and improving the students’ learning.




  • A clear introduction
  • Arguments for and against
  • A strong conclusion

          An IQ score of 145 can make a child different but we should not steal his/her childhood. We have a duty to take care of these bright geniuses but at the same time, we should never forget about their happiness.

          Highly intelligent children should have special teachers with them because if they go to regular classes they could be easily bored. They must focus on their studies because they are brilliant and they should always be under control.

          On the contrary, it would be good if they had some time for themselves. We can’t restrain their excellence and special nature, but taking them away from the rest of the world is not the proper thing to do.

          From my point of view, sending these exceptionally capable youngsters to special schools could be detrimental/harmful to them. They need to have contact with average children to be conscious of and to understand real life. If we place them inside a bubble they might think that they will always be special and this is untrue.  When they grow up they could have problems in their jobs or find it difficult to make friends. Parents should not spoil or overprotect their children.




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