Advanced 2 (B2)


Examples of good writing by ADVANCED 2 students.

(All the texts have been corrected.)

Many thanks to all for allowing me to publish your work.


Formal letter of invitation

Dear Ms Del Rey,

I am writing to you on behalf of SOS World local charity to cordially invite you to a formal black-tie fancy dress ball on 25th March at 8 o’clock in Hollyhock castle.

Our aim is to raise money for the victims of a devastating earthquake. As you may be aware, many people are still homeless and the country is in crisis. For this reason, the proceeds from the ticket sales and any donations will go towards buying emergency medical supplies, food and blankets.

We believe the presence of local celebrities, particularly a well-known actress such as yourself, be an enjoyable occasion for everyone. In addition to the ball, there will also be live music, a champagne supper and fireworks. We would be honoured if you would judge the fancy dress contest and give out the prizes. Owing to your elegance and dress sense, you will encourage people to make greater efforts with their costumes.

Please do not hesitate to ask us for more information about the event. We eagerly await your reply.

Yours sincerely,

……… (secretary, SOS World local charity)

disaster supply kit

I have made some important decisions in my life but I especially remember the time when….

…I had to choose between my career and my family. It was a few years ago. I was offered an exceptional job in London. Maybe it was the best position I have ever accepted. I was feeling very enthusiastic and happy but, suddenly, one horrible day, my mum told me that she was suffering from a terminal disease. I felt very upset and shocked. Consequently, I decided to reject the job. I had no choice, in my opinion. Do you agree?

My mum felt very sad because I had lost my job because of her. I didn’t think so. I preferred to spend my mum’s last moments with her. She was the best thing in my life, much more than any job. Unfortunately, my mum passed away a few weeks later. We had the most wonderful time together. We felt happy to share these moments together.

Nowadays, I don’t regret my decision at all. Luckily, I got a good job in my country and who knows if one day I’ll be offered a great position. Feelings are much more important than other things, of course.



Have you ever thought about going to a sunny island in the middle of the sea for a holiday? That is what I had in mind the first time I went to Tenerife.

My parents and I were really ecstatic about spending some days in such a dreamy place. When we got off the plane there was a cloudy sky above us. It was 23 years ago but it feels just like yesterday.

There was a bus from the travel agency waiting at the airport which would take us to our hotel. We were a little disappointed because of the weather but we had never imagined that things could get worse.

When we went into our room, there were some unexpected guests. The room was full of ants! I can picture it so clearly. We were lucky because there were still available rooms so we were changed to another one. We went to sleep early because we were exhausted, but in the middle of the night we heard a noise coming from the adjoining room. It took some time until I could sleep again.

In the morning the sun was shining and we went to the beach. What I never imagined was that the waters of the Atlantic Ocean were so cold. Next time I’ll think twice.




Having studied English since I was a child, I always knew that a job related to English would be my future. After finishing my studies in High School, I started my degree in English Language. When I finished my degree I did my teaching certificate. After working in a hotel for five years I started my degree in Tourism and I finished my studies in 2014.

Apart from being good at English, I also speak fluent Italian and I have some notions of German. I have experience dealing with people and also working in stressful situations. I am an extrovert and I can solve problems quickly and effectively. I have worked with children so I know how to deal with them. Having good communication skills is essential because I can tell if customers are unhappy so I can help them to feel better.

I could make a valuable contribution to your company. I would like to develop my English skills and also put into practice all my abilities.




  • Try to use participle clauses where possible

       Having graduated as a primary school teacher at the University of Valencia, I gained the teaching speciality of Information Technology. Apart from getting some hands-on experience working as a Primary teacher, I have also trained in different methodologies: “Conflict resolution” and “Involvement of relatives at school”.

       My career path to date has been with educational companies and schools. As well as having experience as a Primary teacher, I also have a background in teaching Preschool students.
       Having a large training in artistic skills and IT skills, I am also capable of adapting and organising lessons for a school year in any subject. Furthermore, I am interested in finding out new methodologies to apply and improve my teaching.
       In addition to communication skills, and besides having an advanced level of Valencian language, I also have an intermediate level of English.
       Besides being driven and tenacious, I also feel motivated by challenges and reaching my personal targets. Thanks to my sociable attitude and patience, I really enjoy working as a team. Now I am seeking the opportunity to keep teaching and improving the students’ learning.




  • A clear introduction
  • Arguments for and against
  • A strong conclusion

          An IQ score of 145 can make a child different but we should not steal his/her childhood. We have a duty to take care of these bright geniuses but at the same time, we should never forget about their happiness.

          Highly intelligent children should have special teachers with them because if they go to regular classes they could be easily bored. They must focus on their studies because they are brilliant and they should always be under control.

          On the contrary, it would be good if they had some time for themselves. We can’t restrain their excellence and special nature, but taking them away from the rest of the world is not the proper thing to do.

          From my point of view, sending these exceptionally capable youngsters to special schools could be detrimental/harmful to them. They need to have contact with average children to be conscious of and to understand real life. If we place them inside a bubble they might think that they will always be special and this is untrue.  When they grow up they could have problems in their jobs or find it difficult to make friends. Parents should not spoil or overprotect their children.



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