Intermediate 1 (A2+/B1-)


Examples of good writing by INTERMEDIATE 1 students.

(NOT ALL the texts have been corrected.)

Many thanks to all for allowing me to publish your work.


In the following text, some typical mistakes have been corrected, but I have left the mistakes for you to learn from them!!!!


It’s a difficult question because the technology improves very fast.

When I was a child, it was impossible to think about personal computers and mobile phones, for example. And it’s possible that this these will be obsolete in 25 years.

I think that a lot of devices that we now use normally, like a mobile, tablet, computer, TV, devices for listening to music, etc…will work without a keyboard or remote control, they will work with our voice.

Another thing that will progress is the home automation. Actually Currently, there are a few houses that use it, but in the future, all the houses will have it.

In respect to the Regarding cars, I think we are going to see a lot of changes too. In a few years most cars will be electric, and it’s possible that they will work with other types of energy that we don’t know now. And there will be cars without a driver, another types of public transport and so on.




I am in India because I have dreamed of coming here for a long time. I’m simply doing sightseeing, I walk the streets, I walk through its markets, I visit its gardens, I observe the people with their colorful clothes, and I admire their impressive temples.

I’ll be here for two months, so I’m changing city every four or five days. In each place I take a local guide who teaches me the most interesting to see in each place every day, explains customs and tells me when you can eat and drink safely.

This country has a very rich culture and is completely different from ours. It’s food is one of the most colorful and aromatic in the world, curries, spices, rice… They have various religions, such a Hinduism, Buddhism, and the cow is a sacred animal that lives free throughout the country; it is common to see it everywhere, and together with elephants , goats, stray dogs and monkeys, its streets look like a zoo.




Dear Secretary,

I’m writing to recommend the book I am reading now. It’s an autobiography called “I am Malala”, written, of course, by Malala Yousafzai and Cristina Lamb. I love this book because it is a true story, and this book helps you to understand the history and culture of Pakistan .
The plot is a story about a young girl who only wanted to go to school and learn, but the history of Pakistan was changing in those days, because the Talibans were in the government and wanted to change the culture of the country, so they didn’t want the girls to go to school. However, Malala fought to defend the rights of girls to education.
The story is set in Pakistan, of course.
I would recommend the book to anyone who wants to understand the culture and history of Pakistan, and especially to people who love biographies and true stories of women.




That's English writing



Have you studied English since you were a child and you haven’t learnt it?

Do you want to speak English when you travel round the world on holiday, but you think that studying English is very boring?

Don’t you have time to attend class because of your work?

Don’t worry any more. What you need is to enrol in That’s English. You’ll speak English and you’ll have fun at the same time.

It doesn’t matter where you live, you can study from anywhere in the world. The texts are so interesting that you’ll really njoy reading them. Moreover, in each lesson, you can do a lot of listening, so you will understand English sooner than later. And the best thing is that you can attend classes every week if you want to revise the lesson or to speak with other classmates.

You don’t have any excuses, if you want to learn English, you should go to “That’s English”.

that's english



Acupuncture is an ancient Chinese remedy that helps relieve all kinds of pain. Fine needles are inserted into the patient’s skin, and this helps stimulate the body’s energy. It has been used to treat all kinds of pain, like toothache, headache and lower back pain. Practitioners have also been using acupuncture to cure depression for thousands of years. Acupuncture has been supported by scientific research, so many doctors accept it.

In my opinion, governments should include acupuncture treatment as available free healthcare for everybody. I believe that some illnesses or pains can be treated together with alternative and traditional techniques.




Cupping is an alternative therapy in which cups are placed on the patient’s skin to create local suction. The cups can be made of several different materials, like glass or bamboo.

It’s a treatment that dates back to ancient cultures like the Egyptian and Chinese ones.

Its practitioners believe this mobilizes blood flow in order to heal a wide range of health disorders and diseases.

However, many scientists and experts do not support cupping practices and say there is no scientific basis for it.

In my opinion, the occasional effectiveness of this therapy relies on the placebo effect that many patients experiment because they strongly believe that it works.



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