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Can you think of a book or film that has had a big influence on you? Give a short synopsis of the film and explain why and how it has affected you.

You may wish to reflect on some of the following:

Has your life changed in any way since you saw the film/read the book. What have you learned from it? Has it made you reflect on any aspect of life in particular? Did it change your attitude or way of thinking? Has it made you a better person?

Record yourself on your computer/phone or Vocaroo.com and send your recording to my “tutoría” email. (If you use Vocaroo, just send me the link.)




If you’re a book lover who’s always looking for something new to read, BookBub is a site you definitely need in your life. To access this site and its thousands of available eBooks, you need to create an account, but it’s totally free. Once you’ve created an account, the site prompts you to pick your favorite genres so that it can provide the best reading recommendations. Not only does BookBub let you access plenty of free books online, but it also offers you great deals on bestsellers, alerting you when big-name titles are available online (for a limited time) for 75 percent or more off.

Internet Archive

Internet Archive is a non-profit organization offers free access to eBooks and digital files. In addition to its search feature, Internet Archive categorizes its content into genres. This makes it a great website for finding a new book to read when you aren’t sure what you want to read yet.


If you want free books to read online that aren’t just fiction, this is the website for you. Smashwords is an easy-to-use eBook site with a variety of genres, including poetry, classics, romance, and biographies. Just be sure to click the “free” tab when you search for books, because not all the website’s 478,000 books are free.

Project Gutenberg

Founded in 1971, Project Gutenberg is the oldest eBook collection online. While the website asks for donations, no fees are required for reading the free online books they offer. There are currently more than 56,000 eBooks to choose from, and they are Kindle-compatible and easy to download.

Open Library

Open Library‘s goal is to create a web page for every book ever published. This easy-to-navigate website archive has more than 1 million books on it, which makes it the perfect place to read books for free online. If you’re searching for a specific book to read, use the search bar. When you get your results, make sure the “Ebooks” box is checked so that the results only show you free books to read.

Google Books

The most extensive collection of free books to read online is available on Google Books. If you pick the right book, you may find some of the best book quotes that inspire you in your life. Searching for a book feels exactly like typing a question into Google. Unfortunately, not all books on Google Books are available for free. After you search for your book, click on “Search tools” and change “Any books” to “Free Google eBooks” to make sure that you’re looking at free content.


This site contains over 30,000 online books available for a free download. While you’re more likely to find older, classic titles available for free than contemporary ones, ManyBooks still has a great selection, and you can access plenty of other eBooks that are available for a discounted price.


This site contains over 30,000 online books available for a free download. While you’re more likely to find older, classic titles available for free than contemporary ones, ManyBooks still has a great selection, and you can access plenty of other eBooks that are available for a discounted price.


24Symbols follows a subscription model, but it also offers free books to read online. Once you create an account, the website will connect to your Facebook and your device to allow you to read books for free on many platforms. The website lets you browse books by author, by category, by language, and alphabetically.

Timbuktu (by Paul Auster) Review by David Corell

Paul Auster (born in New Jersey (USA), February 3rd 1947), is a well-reputed novelist thanks to some excellent novels such as “The New York Trilogy”, “Oracle Night” or “The Brooklyn Follies”, and Timbuktu is on a par with all of them. Since 1982, Paul Auster has written almost 20 books, including fiction, poetry and screenplays, and a common feature of most of them is that they deal with ordinary people and their daily routine, and so does Timbuktu. Just a few characters and a slow-moving storyline make a sweet story narrated from a dog’s point of view.

William Gurevitch is a brilliant but unsuccessful poet who lives in Brooklyn with his mother (a Polish immigrant, as were Paul Auster’s parents) and with Mr. Bones, his faithful, smart and anything but a pedigree dog. When his mother dies, William, who is alcoholic as well as schizophrenic, loses all his belongings and becomes homeless together with Mr. Bones. Like Don Quijote and Sancho Panza before them, they travel all around their country, having all kinds of adventures. And the book begins with the last one, their journey to Baltimore to find Bea Swanson, William’s beloved mentor, who was his teacher in high school and has not been in touch for years. William, who feels ill himself, thinks he is about to die and wants to give Bea his poems and persuade her to find a new home for Mr. Bones.

But the dream of finding Mrs. Swanson never comes true, and Mr. Bones has to start a new life without hisbeloved owner, master and friend. And in this new life, Mr. Bones finds a couple of new owners: firstly, a Chinese boy, with whom it lives several weeks, until his father discovers Mr. Bones in its hiding-place in the garden of the house; and secondly, a wealthy and well-structured family with two lovely kids, who make Mr. Bones almost forget those days full of miseries together with William. But despite everything, it never forgets its former owner and “every thought, every memory, every particle of the earth and air was saturated with Willy’s presence”. So, its last wish is to join his master in Timbuktu, that great hereafter in the sky, where “you were at one with the universe, a speck of antimatter lodged in the brain of God”.

With no doubt, it is worth reading this novel, which, even though being simple, has a tender and sweet story in the background. But also, as the novel is narrated from a dogs perspective, the story is full of funny situations. The novel is short (200 pages) and suitable for young and adult readers.

The Gift (by Cecilia Ahern ) Review by Rus López

Published by Harper Collins 2009, ISBN: 978 0 00 7 326334 Price:9,95€

The authoress of this book is Cecelia Ahern. Her first book was the famous “P.S. I love you” which was adapted into a film and was an international bestseller.

The Gift is a fiction book which makes us think about our lives and who we are. After reading this book we realise the importance of time in our lives .Currently we live very fast, we are always in a rush. And as the authoress said in the book “Time can’t be given. But can be shared”.

The main characters of the book are: Lou Suffern who is an important business man. He is extremely ambitious, very selfish, hard working and self confident. He is always busy and he has too many things to do at the same time. For this reason he doesn’t spend much time with his family. Ruth is his wife, intelligent, beautiful, generous and patient. She is housekeeper and she looks after their two children. Finally, Gabe is a homeless man who appears in Lou’s life suddenly. He is mysterious, but nice. Lou doesn’t know that he is going to give him the best gift at Christmas; however it could be too late for him.

This is a good book to make you reflect on your life. Lou’s life could my life or your life. This book appealed to me in an emotional way, now I think I should spend more time with my family and friends.

From my point of view I strongly recommend you to read this book. As the “Irish Times” said“Cecelia Ahren is queen of the modern fairytale. Ahern has given her readers exactly what they want: love, magic, happy endings. And most of all, hope”.

It is written to read it easily and if you read it you will laugh, cry and think. Almost all the feelings you could have. The main characters of the book are stereotypes, but this makes it easier to understand the story.

As a conclusion,I would like us to think about this sentence from the book “Time is more precious than gold, more precious than diamonds, more precious than oil or any valuable treasures”

New Moon (by Stephanie Meyer) Review by Yolanda Jareño

“New Moon” is the second book of “The Twilight Series” written by Stephenie Meyer. Although, it’s a vampire romance store written for people who love vampires and fantasy books, anyone can enjoy it.

The second book of this series is named “New Moon” because of the main character, who tells us the story and whose name is Bella. In this book she will go through a very dreadful situation full of anguish, she will suffer a deep depression, so the author chooses the darker phase of the moon to show Bella’s pain.

The book is printed by Little, Brown and Company in September 2006.

Bella tells us the story from her point of view. She’s an eighteen-year old human girl, who was saved by Edward Cullen, a vampire that decided to show his condition of vampire to her instead of leaving her to die.

Edward, who is the second main character, is a vampire that lives with other vampire as a family. This strange adopted family eats only animals to survive.

Another character is Jacob black, a childhood friend of Bella, who fells in love with her even though, he knows that they will only ever be friends. He’s hidden a secret that nobody, including himself, knows.

Finally, there are two vampire clans. The first appeared in the first part of the series and one of them will appear in the next book.

This clan was formed by three vampires, two of which were a couple, James and Victoria. Victoria is a mad vampire who’s looking for revenge because Edward killed James in the first book. She wants to kill Bella to produce the same pain that she has in Edward.

The other clan, the Volturi, is the oldest clan of vampire that rules them.

I would to highlight two parts of the book as the most important ones, trying not to spoil the plot.

On the one hand, the most distressing part is when Edward splits up with Bella, telling her that he doesn’t love her.

As Bella is the narrator, you are able to feel her pain and read her thoughts during these difficult moments. The author wrote in her web page that she wasn’t able to write down how painful it was for Bella. This is why she introduces blank pages with only the name of the month that was passing during Bella’s depression. [Chapters 3 to 5, blank pages in chapter 3]

On the other hand, the most entertaining and intriguing part is when Edward, Bella and Alice (Edward sister) are in Italy confronting the Volturi. In this part, the mystery is palpable because you don’t have any idea of how the struggle is going to end or if our main character will escape alive without punishment.

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